Benefits of Bright Kid @ Home

Early Start & Enriched Engagement with Unique combination of Hands On - Minds On preschool education for your child at the safety and comfort of your home

90% of a child’s brain development happens before age of 5. (source: Harvard Centre of Developing Child) Children have a natural desire to learn. Dr. Maria Montessori recognised that, children have an intrinsic motivation to learn even children learn to grasp an object, they learn to stand by trying again and again and they master walking. The same applies to learning to talk, learning to read and write, learning mathematics and learning about the world around. Your home can be an ideal place to start this journey of early childhood learning as you can incorporate many learning principles into daily life, such as observing your child to see what interests child has that Child can explore and make discoveries. Observing your child to see what interest they have, providing time for language, and being together, setting up your home so that they can be successful, encouraging their curiosity, setting a few ground-rules so children know the limits, being your children’s guide and letting them blossom into unique beings. We believe learning for a child starts at home with so many things to see, hear, touch, feel and interact a lot of their perceptions of the world are built at home. How can children begin to understand the nature of the world in which they live if they do not experience it vicariously? For this reason, the majority of the activities that kids perform should be physical explorations where they have assurance that they have plenty of time and are safe. Physical explorations not only make the concepts more tangible but also appeal to children's diverse learning styles and take advantage of their multi-sensory strengths. If children are physically involved, they are more apt to be mentally engaged. We know you would give the whole world to your child if you could, a well rounded education is the best gift that you can give to your child.

Anytime, Anywhere Teacher and Activity Guidance with our Book Kit and our Montessori Material Kit home delivered.

Parents get a Virtual -Teacher on the pages of the books and worksheets that we provide in our book kit. As your child grows, the child starts to become inquisitive, explorative and the urge for doing various activities increases. Picture Books and Workbooks are ideal companions for your child at this stage. My Bright Kid books are unique and are Augmented Reality (AR) enabled which delivers rich interactive content focused on curriculum-based education. With images, alphabets, words, rhymes, stories being precisely projected and narrated just like having a real-teacher do the teaching, early childhood learning and concept building is strengthened and accelerated, where much more learning is delivered to children. Watch how our books work here. These books provide parent instant support and guidance on how to teach and prepare their children on the particular content or concept or activity of that page of the book. Hands-on learning and Montessori Materials that we would provide in our Montessori Upgrade program would also come with a virtual Teacher. Most of these materials are Augmented reality enabled so that at scan of the material parents get instant support and guidance on how to present and guide their children to perform these Montessori activities. This adds to great convenience to the parents to instantly just in few minutes learn the procedure, see the demo on how to present and guide the child to perform the Montessori activities correctly. Perhaps we are first in the world to innovate to add this technology feature to Montessori and Preschool learning materials that we make.

Award-Winning Curriculum and Innovative Teaching.

Any good education program always needs a well founded, Effective, Age appropriate Curriculum and a delivery program that infuses the urge of learning making the curriculum easy and fun-filled. In Brighkid@Home program, we are using the award-winning curriculum of Bright Kid Montessori House which has developed more than 35000 children which is time tested and has the benefit of 13+ of our Teaching experience of running hundreds of Preschools across the country with academic partnership. We believe “ Adding knowledge is Creating Potentials ...Applying Knowledge is the True Power” Our activity based learning approach not only makes any learning long lasting but also enhances child’s ability to apply the knowledge. The innovative learning approach part of the Bright Kid Montessori House curriculum is completely based on experimental hands on learning; which is well-balanced and designed to stimulate each child’s physical, social, cognitive and emotional development. We are the winners of the IDA (India Didactic Association) Corporate Award for Digital Content of the Year (2018)- Early Learning ‘18, as well as the Solution of the Year (2019)- Early Learning ‘19. Our Preschool brand is recognised as the Best Education Brands 2018-19 by The Economic Times. We have typically seen 2.5 year olds pronounce words with multiple vowels and sounds such as “A for Alligator” much early on because of our AR enabled Books for children. As AR which is enabled on each page, provides a teacher-like experience, guidance and assistance even at home.

World Class Hands-on Learning & Montessori Materials in our Material Kits

Hands on learning is an important ingredient for learning. “ We may put it like this: the child’s intelligence can develop to a certain level without the help of the hand. But if it develops with his hand, then the level it reaches is higher, and the child’s character is stronger.” Said Dr. Maria Montessori.‘The hands are the instruments of man's intelligence’. The use of hands helps the children to construct themselves. Dr. Maria Montessori felt strongly that the hand and brain must develop in harmony. The hand reports to the brain; the brain guides the hand; the cycle continues, resulting in the development of the intellect. Our hands on material kits are well crafted mostly by using natural materials like wood and boards. These are categorised into few activity types such as : upto Toddler group ( age upto 3 years) - Eye-hand coordination, Music and Movement, Practical Life, Arts and Crafts and Language. For Children of age group 3 to 6 years- Exercises of Practical life, sensorial, Language, Arithmetic and Enrichment. Besides scientifically designed Montessori Materials our material kit would provide numerous puzzles trays, eye-hand coordination materials, pretend play items, constructive blocks and many more items which reduces the screen time making your child to be active bodily and mindfully. Children love not only exploring but also repeating the activities. Montessori and other materials that we would provide are made of natural materials like wood and boards which are long lasting for many repeated use excepting for it's natural wear and tear.

Entire Teaching Content, Resources just a click away & Technology at its best to support Parents.

Absorbent minds of children need the right nourishment at the right time with age curated learning resources. All our digital resources are available on an easy to navigate portal where parents amd caregivers can find a way to teach a child in just a click. Learning resources is made available to the parent based on their child's age & weekly schedule so that we make sure that parents and children receive the right teaching resources. With resources set up in the most clutter free form Children learn from beginning skill level through kindergarten proficiency with hundreds of lessons. A guided step-by-step approach to learning that progresses sequentially. As children advance through the curriculum, lessons become incrementally challenging in easy steps that suit the child exactly the way it happens in a class room. Parents can choose to login anytime as well and see progress or even choose to help the child with material. The best part is that all of the content is hosted on the website so wherever you and your child are all you need is the internet and you're a click away from letting your child to learn and develop themselves exactly the way as it happens in a normal classroom. The technology used to enable this is very simple and all you would need is internet. Curriculum is developed in the most friendly interface that helps our Parents, Caregivers & Children support, so whether you are going for a quick ride in the car or a plane ride across the country, you can take your child’s Preschool with you on the go with a smart tablet, laptop and even in your phone if required. Our technology will support you best wherever you are.